In addition to my commercial work, I'm also available to hire for portraiture, wedding photography and lifestyle photography, as well as wedding cinematography and video production.

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Site07 Creative | New Branding & A New Website for 2015
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New Branding & A New Website for 2015

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If you’ve visited Site07 before– thank you for that, by the way — you’ve probably noticed that quite a bit has changed around here.


There’s a new logo, a fresh color pallet, and a totally redesigned website. You may also have spotted a few new portfolio items, and the absence of some others.
(If you like, you can check out my previous blog post to read more about my decision to sharpen my focus, and improve client relationships by separating my individual services from my business portfolio. It’s not *quite* as boring as it sounds, I promise.)


Just as I try to develop the best possible work for my clients, I also strive to make my own site and brand as accessible, intuitive, and expressive as I can.


If you like the changes you see, or notice a few things you have misgivings, or criticisms about, I would absolutely love to hear your feedback.


If you have any thoughts on how I can improve the design, tweak the functionality, or improve the experience in any way,  please feel free to share them, as I would love to incorporate your ideas.


I want to provide a helpful, informative experience to new visitors, and the greatest amount of care and attention to my existing clients,  so if you see something I missed, or have an opinion on how I might better serve you and your business, I would LOVE to hear it.

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