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Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | WORK | Aerial Cinematography Reel | Spring + Summer 2015 | Denver, CO
Demonstration reel for aerial cinematography, videography and photography services in Denver, Colorado.
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Aerial Cinematography | Spring + Summer 2015

Project Details

With a little under a year of flying under my belt, I’ve finally amassed enough footage (and built up enough confidence) to share some of the beautiful scenery and amazing moments I’ve captured via quadcopter here in Colorado.


Like all my other artistic pursuits, I’ll probably never be completely satisfied with my talents and abilities as an aerial cinematographer,  but taking a camera up into the air has honestly been of of the most thrilling, rewarding, and unabashedly fun experiences of my creative life.


The possibilities this platform has opened up in terms of story-telling, production value, and sheer cinematic beauty have been unbelievably inspiring and exciting.

I’m currently working on obtaining my 333 exemption from the FAA, making me fully legal for commercial operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. I’ll also be significantly upgrading my multi-rotor and camera set-up in the very near future, so be sure to stay tuned!


I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities this new technology has given me to learn as a pilot, grow as a cinematographer and filmmaker, and the new perspective it’s given me as a human being.


This has been a pure joy, from minute one.

Many, many thanks to Kris Farruggia, for being my flying buddy, and to my aerial hero, Brent Murray at Hello Airbot for providing invaluable advice, and endless inspiration.


I can’t wait to see where this thing goes!

Project Roles

Aerial Cinematography | Editing | Post-Production| Branding | Motion Graphics


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