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Site07 Creative | Sony RX10 II | Slow Motion Camera Test | 240-480 fps
Some super fun slow-motion video from the tiny Sony RX10 II
Video Production, Denver, Colorado, Sony RX 10 II, Slow Motion
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Sony RX 10 II | Slow Motion Camera Tests

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Full-disclosure: my go-to camera for video is a Canon C100. I absolutely LOVE the image I’m able to get from it, and it’s a joy to shoot with in the field. It has it’s limitations, and isn’t perfect for every project– I’d still want to rent a RED, or an Arri Alexa for high-end broadcast and feature film work — but for a 1080p camera, it creates an incredibly beautiful image, with a tiny footprint, and a negligible amount of fuss. For run-and-gun stuff, it’s amazing.



That said, it’s not a good camera for capturing slow-motion. It tops out at 60p, which is pretty good, but it doesn’t yield that ridiculously dreamy, buttery-smooth slow motion you can only get from ultra-high frame rates… 120p, and up.



For months, I’ve been agonizing to come up with some sort of viable option to capture great high-speed footage, without breaking the bank, switching lens systems entirely, or having to lug around a ginormous rig on smaller shoots.



So… I picked up a *teeny*, tiny little Sony RX 10 II this week.



Granted, I only have two days’ experience with it, but I’m kind of blown away by how much it does, and how well it does it, particularly since it’s so damn dinky, and relatively cheap.



It has all kinds of quirks that I’m sure I’ll grow to be annoyed with, and I’ve never been a huge fan of Sony’s color, or “video-y” look– but the fact that this itty-bitty camera can shoot decent video up to 480fps is just mind-blowing to me.



I’m a huge nerd, so I could ramble on about S-Log, and all the technical aspects, but I’ll spare you the pain, and just post some pics and video instead.



Here’s some snaps of the camera, a few BTS shots of the camera test area I set up, and of course, a bit of slow-motion video.



I do have to say, though– this thing is F-U-N. I had a BLAST shooting this stuff!


Sony RX10 II


Sony RX10 II


Sony RX10 II - Full Zoom


Canon C100, Sony RX10 II, Canon 5D Mark III


Sony RX10 II Camera Test Subjects



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