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Front-End Web and User-Interface Design commissioned by Dish Network for Blockbuster.
Denver, Colorado, Web Design, Graphics, User Interface Design, Advertising, Online Marketing, Layout, Photoshop, PSD, Blockbuster, Dish Network
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Project Details

Just before they went out of business, I was asked to contribute a series of homepage concepts and UI elements for what was to be a fully re-designed Blockbuster website.


As a brand, Blockbuster had taken some large blows in the marketplace, and their brand as a whole was fairly tarnished.  After their acquisition by Dish Network and subsequent restructuring, the company faced considerable challenges to restore its image, and so was hoping to make a real concerted effort to restore their foothold in the industry, and regain the faith of their customers.


After re-locating to Denver, Colorado, Blockbuster completely re-staffed its creative and marketing teams, taking on well-respected creatives like Jerry Lundwal (who lead The Denver Post to much acclaim during it’s peak) and Danny Vigil (Pixel People, Mosaic Globe, Brand New, C.H.A.C., etc.).


In their effort to employ local talent, and bring in an entirely fresh set of eyes and new ideas, Vigil called on me to pitch a collection of ideas to replace the somewhat clunky and dated look of Blockbuster’s current online properties.


Unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be, so my submissions never made it past the conceptual phase, but I did enjoy making them, and I absolutely loved working with Danny Vigil again. He’s the greatest, so that was a real treat.

Project Roles

Web + Graphic Design | Interface Design


Web + Graphics