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Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | WORK | Landlocked: A One Day In Denver Short Film | Denver, CO
A documentary short produced for One Day on Earth's ground-breaking series of collaborative videos. Focusing on cities around the globe, and featuring up-and-coming film-makers, I was asked to be one of the ambassadors for Denver, Colorado, contributing this short film focusing on Denver and its water supply. My roles included cinematography, time-lapse photography, editing, and post-production. Sponsored by Vimeo, the United Nations Foundation, International Red Cross, World Wildlife Federation, and many, many more.
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Project Details

One Day on Earth is an ambitious philanthropic project that commissions film-makers from all around the world to document a single day in their home cities. Sponsored by Vimeo, the United Nations Foundation, the International Red Cross, the World Wildlife Federation, and a host of other prestigious organizations, One Day on Earth draws thousands of participants every year from all across the globe.


Site07 was contacted by the event organizers, and had the honor of being one of a handful of film-making ambassadors asked to represent Denver, Colorado.
I was given a brief to focus on Denver’s water supply, and assigned to craft a narrative around it. Given the extremely tight one-day shooting limit, and the sprawling, abstract nature of my assigned topic, I sought out Travis Thompson, a public-relations spokesperson from Denver Water Management to provide the film with a credible, informed framework to build my story around.


To provide an inciting force and emotional anchor for the story, I cooked up the idea to illustrate the journey of Denver’s water using an army of origami paper boats. By employing cute, colorful paper boats, I thought I’d provide a visually interesting subject for the cameras to follow, and give the audience a fun little surrogate they could root for and connect with.

Project Roles

Direction| Cinematography | Timelapse Editing | Motion-Design

Additional Personnel

2nd Camera Operator: Kris Farruggia Paper Boat Wrangler: Matt Bliss Interview: Travis Thompson


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