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Kickstarter Campaign commercial for Modern Christmas Trees' ebeautiful new table-top tree, The Jubilee
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Modern Christmas Trees | Jubilee Kickstarter Video

Project Details

It was an enormous pleasure to team up again with the thoroughly awesome people at Modern Christmas Trees to produce a slick new Kickstarter campaign video to promote their beautiful table-top tree, The Jubilee.

Shot and edited in a mere 12 days, this project was both incredibly fun, and fairly daunting challenge.


Combining vintage 8mm footage, motion-control studio shots, location filming, and a smattering of motion-graphics and visual effects, I had a lot to accomplish in a very short amount of time.
With the product prototype arriving just one day before filming was scheduled to begin, I had to ensure that absolutely no time was wasted, on-set, or in post-production.


Through diligent planning in pre-production, I worked closely with the client to ensure we had a solid concept, script, shot-list and shooting schedule in place before we lit the first light.
I performed numerous camera tests here in the office, and had the vast majority of slow-motion and motion-controlled shots planned out before I had even seen the finished tree.


I’m extremely happy to report that at the time of this posting, the Kickstarter campaign has gone public, and is already at 50% of it’s funding goal, just 36 hours after it’s launch!


Matt Bliss, and the entire team at Modern Christmas Trees are a genuinely great group of people, and it makes me incredibly happy to see their dreams coming true!

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Editing | Post-Production| Motion Graphics


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