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Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | WORK | Modern Christmas Trees | Promotional Video | Denver, CO
A promotional video, created to advertise Modern Christmas Trees' latest offering, the absolutely brilliant Half Tree. Client services included direction, cinematography, motion-graphics, branding, logo design, editing, post-production and music supervision.
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Modern Christmas Trees | The Half Tree

Project Details

Site07 has maintained a wonderful partnership with Modern Christmas Trees, and its owner, Matt Bliss. This the fourth time he has asked me to collaborate with him , and the result is probably my favorite, to-date.


This fun, energetic little promotional spot features Matt’s newest offering, The Half Tree, which is an ingenious spin-off of his larger tree designs. Aimed at customers with space restrictions, or smaller budgets, The Half Tree is perfect for apartment dwellers with a lot of holiday spirit, but not much room, and retailers and restauranteurs who value high-end decor, but need to preserve floor-space.


These beautiful trees have a lot of genuine charm and personality all on their own; they cast amazing shadows and highlights on walls, and the included mirror ball and crystal ornaments create these hypnotic, ever-shifting patterns of light that are never the same from one minute, to the next.


I wanted to make sure I captured the sparkly and energy of the product, so I tried to keep the camera moving fairly constantly, to give the trees some animation, and to let viewers see as many wonderful little details as possible in a short amount of time. I married that with snappy editing, compelling motion graphics, and a ecstatic, cheerful soundtrack I helped Matt license through TheMusicBed.


In all honesty, I have to admit that you truly must see the trees in person to believe just how cool and visually interesting they are, but I think Matt and I did a pretty good job capturing that on screen. I’m so happy we got the opportunity to work together again, and I’m really looking forward to creating more videos together as he releases new products, and his brand continues to grow!

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Editing | Post-Production | Motion-Design


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