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Motion-Graphics Show Packaging for "Ride The Line", a series a web-based promotional videos, advertising one of cycling's most grueling events, the Race Across America.
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Race Across America | Motion-Graphics

Project Details

Race Across America is a grueling 3000 mile, 12 day cycling event, spanning the United States from Oceanside, California, to Annapolis, Maryland.


For 30 years, RAAM has billed their ultracycling trek as “The World’s Toughest Bike Race” — and at twice the length of the Tour De France, with rules forbidding drafting and riding in packs, the claim holds some considerable credibility.


Competitors who have qualified generally ride solo, or in small teams of 2-8 people, and often use the race not only as a supreme physical challenge, but a highly effective platform for raising charitable donations.

Thankfully, for the sake of my dignity, and the race’s reputation as a crucible for athletes in peak physical condition, my participation was safely regulated to the confines of an office chair. I need a nap after riding my commuter bike around Washington Park for 30 minutes, so they wisely elected to keep me off the road, and behind my workstation.


Better for everyone, I was called on to create show packaging for all of the event’s web videos. It was my responsibility to craft the overall look-and-feel for the series, including creative direction, show branding — I didn’t create the race’s logo –  and all of the animation and 3D modeling for the event’s video collateral.


Working almost totally independently, I was entrusted to create concepts, design a style guide, and execute them all as motion graphics. I developed an introductory animation, interstitial bumps, lower-thirds, and a show-closing graphic. The materials I put together will be used to promote the Race Across America event, and RAAM’s accompanying web series, entitled “Riding The Line”.


What you see here is a sample reel I’ve edited from the show’s opener, closer, and incidental graphics.
The finished series, produced by Cycling Soul,  will be edited and filmed in large part by my good friend and associate, Tage Plantell, at Silver Halide Pictures.

Project Roles

Creative Direction | Motion-Design | 3D Animation | Branding | Editing

Additional Personnel

Exective Producer : Brian Bishop


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