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Web Design, Logo Design and Branding development for Centennial Storage, located in Littleton and Englewood, Colorado.
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Centennial Storage

Project Details

Centennial Storage LLC has been an integral part of Littleton and Englewood’s business communities for nearly 40 years, providing first-rate storage services to individual residents and commercial enterprises throughout Colorado.


Company owner, Greg Fantle, contacted me to develop a full suite of marketing and advertising initiatives, including web design, logo development, branding, commercial photography, and print design, as well as a bit of cinematography, editing and motion-graphics for several promotional videos.


All of this work needed to feel new and fresh, while still retaining enough character from Centennial’s previous branding to be recognizable to existing customers. The material also needed to suggest a strong visual connection with  MI-Box Mobile Storage, a national pod storage provider, who Greg recently opened a franchise for.

Additionally, it was crucial to Greg that all the new branding and graphics spoke directly to Centennial Storage’s standing as family-owned local business with deep roots in the community, and a long history of serving Colorado. To that aim, I mentioned this emphatically in all of the site’s copy and sales-language, and  tried to incorporate design elements from the Colorado flag wherever possible.


Greg is an unbelievably smart man, a shrewd business over, and a genuinely great person. He’s highly esteemed in the Littleton business community, and for good reason. However, I don’t think I would hurt his feelings by saying that he’s also incredibly discerning and particular. He was extremely selective about which designs he liked, and and highly protective of his brand. And understandably so– Centennial Storage has been owned and operated with great success by his family for 4 decades. He wasn’t about to throw that away.


This is all by way of saying that the iterative process this project project was, well, intense.  There are close to 30 different versions of the site’s homepage on my hard-drives. We went through A LOT of small adjustments — and a few sweeping changes– to arrive at a final design Greg was happy with.


This was highly unusual for me, as it generally takes me only three to five submissions to get a green light from most clients. But as Greg is a great customer, and was willing to go through the extra care and expense to get things just right, I was more than happy to oblige him. It just made the experience that much more rewarding when we finally arrived at a final concept.

Project Roles

Art Direction | Branding | Logo Design | Graphics | Illustration | Web Design | Cinematography | Timelapse Photography | Motion-Design | Copywriting


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