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Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | WORK | Curious Theater Company | Aerial Cinematography & Timelapse | Denver, CO
Aerial Cinematography and Motion-Control Timelapse photography for The Curious Theatre Company, located in downtown Denver, Colorado.
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Curious Theatre Company

Project Details

The Curious Theatre Company is a fantastic theatrical venue and performing ensemble that’s been delivering some of the most ground-breaking, innovative productions in the Denver arts scene for nearly 16 years. Comprised of 28 professional actors, designers and directors, Curious’ mission is to find the best new plays, and bring them to  life in the most intelligent, soulful, and thought-provoking way possible, giving performances that raise fresh ideas, evoke real emotions, and ignite conversations among their audiences.


As a guy who was a massive theater nerd in High School, and a life-long fan of live performance and the arts, I was thrilled when they contacted me to assist them with their production of a new promotional / marketing video to help them educate the public about their Company, and advertise their upcoming shows for the 2015 season.


Although I’ve edited and done the post-production on the video you see here, my duties for The Curious Theatre Company were as an aerial cinematographer / pilot, and time-lapse photographer.


Colorado is in the middle of our notorious monsoon season, so trying to find a suitable break in the weather shaped up to be our biggest obstacle. We shot on three different days, and it wasn’t until the third day that Mother Nature graced us with a a couple of hours that were even remotely telegenic.


Being that my subject was a 100-year-old church, built in the Gothic style, I knew that the gloomy omnipresence dark, foreboding rain clouds was not going to make the kind of impression I knew the theater was after. The filmmaker in me loved the brooding, dramatic feel of an approaching storm wall behind the church’s gables, but as a marketer I was smart enough to know that a spooky, Vincent Price feel wasn’t going to mesh well with the image of a bright, vibrant theater company.


So, after a few attempts in miserable weather, I got lucky and found a three-hour window to shoot a handful of motion-controlled time-lapse sequences, and some aerial sequences that I ended up being very happy with, and that the client absolutely LOVED.


All in all, I’m so glad that we exercised a little patience and perseverance, because I think the end results are pretty great!

Project Roles

Aerial Cinematography | Timelapse Photography | Editing | Post-Production


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