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Web Design, Vector Illustration, and Wordpress Customization for Darius and Violet, in Littleton, Colorado
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Darius & Violet

Project Details

Darius and Violet are a ridiculously cool couple. They’re creative, playful, and chalk full of fun ideas, so I was enormously flattered and excited when they asked me to design a custom Wedding site for them.


Given the ubiquity of online tools available to wedding couples these days, a totally custom site was a bit of an unusual request, but Darius and Violet were looking for something that was a little more specific than anything they had found in their research. In particular, they were very keen on having a collection of custom illustrations made.


Both Darius and Violet are big fans of the animated television show, Archer, and asked if I could create some artwork emulating the show’s aesthetic. This made me a happy camper.


The program is hilarious, and the art-direction leans heavily on vector-style art, which is the genre of illustration I’m most familiar with and adept at, so I was nine kinds of psyched to get to work.


In the end, I created three custom illustrations of the couple, a handful of incidental graphics, and designed a fully dynamic, client-manageable site in WordPress, complete with a WooCommerce utility that allowed the couple to collect donations online for their favorite charity, Paws For Purple Hearts; which is a fantastic organization that places trained service dogs in the homes of veterans who have been wounded in the line of duty. How awesome is that?


This was an incredibly fun project, and I couldn’t have asked for better clients than Darius and Violet. They were a pure joy to work with!

Project Roles

Art Direction | Illustration | Web Design | Graphics | Wordpress Customization | WooCommerce Customization


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