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Site07 Creative | Site07 Creative | WORK | Hayride - HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Area | Denver, CO
A hybrid short documentary / promotional video, created to advertise the Highlands Ranch Backcountry Wilderness area, and their annual hayride program, featuring two beautiful draft horses, Bella and Buster. Services rendered include video production, cinematography, time-lapse photography, editing and post-production.
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Hayride | Highlands Ranch Backcountry

Project Details

The decision to collaborate with the HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Area on this promotional video was ridiculously easy to make.


Hayrides? Sunsets? Beautiful scenery? Draft horses? YES. Sign me up.


With logistical help from park supervisor, Mark Giebel, and park coordinators Eric Grover and Hope Marasco, I spent four evenings filming the Backcountry, park visitors, and the video’s equine  stars, Bella and Buster. It was an absolute treat to meet the staff,  interact with the horses, and tag along on several hayrides, as well as a late night campfire.


There’s an adage in the industry that it’s never a good idea to work with animals, or children, but I couldn’t have found that to be further from the truth on this project. Bella and Buster were both amazing animals to observe; their dispositions are incredibly sweet, gentle, and affectionate. By the end of the shoot, my greatest difficulty filming them was trying to get Buster to stop leaning towards me and the camera–either to get petted, or to try and nibble on my jacket. Bella was a little more wary and camera-shy,  but equally as nice, and clearly the staff favorite. She’s pretty spoiled.

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Timelapse Photography | Post-Production | Editing