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A fun, joyful promotional video created for Tiffany Josephs, an exuberant life-coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Services rendered included video production, cinematography, time-lapse photography, steadicam operation, video editing, and post-production.
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Tiffany Josephs

Project Details

Tiffany Josephs is an ebulient, personable, and relentlessly energetic Life Coach based in Denver, Colorado. Her approach with clients, as well as her personal philosophy, is rooted in the idea that life was meant to be enjoyed. Having fun isn’t a luxury, or a distraction for Tiffany — it’s the foundation on which she’s built her life, and her business model. Her sincere goal is that every client who walks through her door, or visits her site, leaves with more confidence, a stronger sense of self, a kinder inner dialog, and most importantly, a renewed feeling of joy.


These are all tenets that I can definitely support — who *doesn’t* like having fun? — so I was completely excited about the prospect of collaborating on a series of promotional videos with her. I’m always thrilled by an opportunity to help other small-businesses and independents grow, and crafting a video around the concept of enjoying life wasn’t something I was going to pass up.

In keeping with Tiffany’s “FUN” theme, I pitched several ideas for the video, all centered around the notion of wringing the most out of life. Working together, we decided we wanted to stress the concepts of motion, progress, and the kind of pure, carefree sense of confidence and courage that we all had as kids, where everything is a discovery, and life is uncorrupted by the worries and prejudices that sometimes come with adulthood.


With that in mind, I selected locations that I thought evoked the kind of playfullness and energy we wanted, and  tried to keep the camera in motion whenever possible, to instill a feeling of exploration, fluidity, and of course, fun, within the viewer. To that effect, I employed a variety of steadicam shots, dolly moves, crane shots, and sweeping timelapse sequences; so that the frame was only static during those moments when  important information was being relayed.


All in all, I’m enormously pleased with how this came together, and I’m happy to report that Tiffany feels the same!

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Timelapse Photography | Editing | Post-Production | Motion-Design

Additional Personnel

Camera Assistant: Kris Farruggia


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