In addition to my commercial work, I'm also available to hire for portraiture, wedding photography and lifestyle photography, as well as wedding cinematography and video production.

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Site07 Creative | Liquid Compass | Media Player Demo
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Liquid Compass | Media Player Demo

Project Details

During my stay as Creative Director at Liquid Compass, I designed an unsettling number of media players.  I mean, a DISTURBING number of media players. A lot.  Hundreds. Possibly a thousand.  WAY too many.


The upside of that, was that I occasionally got to make fun little videos to promote them.


In addition to providing direction, motion-graphics, and editing for this piece, I also — wait for it — designed all the media players within, minus the one with dancing bee. All the credit for that little guy is due to my friend and peer, the unreasonably talented Craig Patterson.

Project Roles

Creative Direction | Motion-Design | Editing | User-Interface Design


Motion, Video