In addition to my commercial work, I'm also available to hire for portraiture, wedding photography and lifestyle photography, as well as wedding cinematography and video production.

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Site07 Creative | Modern Christmas Trees | Elevator Pitch
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Modern Christmas Trees | Elevator Pitch

Project Details

In 2013, Modern Christmas Trees commissioned me to handle all of their product photography, and create a promotional web video showcasing their gorgeous designer Christmas trees.


I was delighted when they called again in 2014, needing help with their branding, a few print pieces, and a shorter, more upbeat promotional video. Specifically, they requested something fun and concise¬† to represent their product during elevator pitches, trade-shows, and other situation where grabbing the audience’s attention quickly was crucial.


With that in mind, I put together a condensed, “best of” reel, using highlights from footage I had shot previously, and I packaged it all with new music, branding, and motion-graphics.


The result is a short and sweet 45 second video designed to convey the beauty of the product and direct viewers to the website in under a minute.

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Motion-Design | Post Production | Editing | Branding


Branding, Motion, Video