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Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphics, and Web Design, for McGough Legal, a dedicated, personal law firm based in Denver, Colorado.
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McGough Legal

Project Details

As a small-business owner and entrepreneur myself, I absolutely love working with with other start-ups and independents. I feel an immediate kinship with the dream of building something from scratch, and I’m always rooting for those who strike out on their own, particularly if their venture involves helping others along the way.


Attorney Robert McGough qualifies in all those areas, and then some.


After spending several years with large firms as a highly successful commercial litigator, Rob decided to open his own practice, continuing his work as a corporate lawyer, while extending his services to start-ups, families, and individuals as well.


With a long history of donating his time and considerable expertise to non-profits and socially-conscious efforts, Rob wanted to make sure that his new practice reflected his strong community ties, his love of Colorado, and his deep fondness for the pioneering spirit of the people who share his home.


To that aim, I worked closely with Rob to develop a dynamic look-and-feel that conveyed a sense of adventure along with providing a strong, clear message about his services, and his professional convictions. We wanted to create a series of visual metaphors that showed that people needn’t be afraid, or intimidated by the law; that legal issues are solvable challenges that can be met head-on and overcome with the right help.


Drawing on images of Colorado’s wildly diverse landscapes, I tried to choose colors, and create graphics that would fit well with Rob’s intrepid personality and also clearly illustrate the basics of his law practice to prospective clients.


You’ll have to judge if I nailed it or not, but both Rob and I were very pleased with the way it all came together. He was an absolutely fantastic client, and I’m confident that he’ll be enormously successful in his new practice. I would be delighted to work with him again, any time.

Project Roles

Art Direction | Web Design | Branding


Branding, Web + Graphics