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Site07 Creative | Modern Christmas | Web Promo
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Modern Christmas | Web Promo

Project Details

This project was a true joy, from start to finish. I got to work with absolutely amazing people, helping to promote a genuinely beautiful product with a sincerely touching story behind it. 10% of all proceeds of the sales go towards Alzheimer’s research.


I honestly didn’t have to work very hard to make such gorgeous designs look good on camera, but this shoot was not without challenges. Given that nearly every surface on the tree is reflective, I had to be mindful of my angles, and even so, I ended up having to remove my goofy mug in post from a few of the ornaments. I also had to contend with some wire removal and rotoscoping, as we filmed in model homes, and weren’t able to drill a small hole in the ceiling to secure the tree. Instead, we used large aluminum stands, and those had to be removed from the final shots. Lastly, the weather was unseasonably warm and clear, so I ended up adding a lot digital snow in the windows and exterior shots. I also digitally composited some more interesting views of Denver in the windows as well.


I was extremely proud to be part of such a worthwhile enterprise. And to top it all off, I was fortunate enough to collaborate once again with my good friend, Tom Benway at VectorDefector, who brought his considerable talents to bear creating the client’s website and branding.

Project Roles

Direction | Cinematography | Post-Production | Editing | Product Photography